How to Organise a Surprise Birthday Party

How to Organise a Surprise Birthday Party

Wondering how to organise a surprise birthday party? Surprises are the best elements in life and if you agree, you must not want to skip the details.

Organising an event can be extremely time consuming if not planned properly. All your great ideas can turn into a disaster if not executed and all your efforts can go in vain. We do not want that. We strive to execute your brilliant thoughts into a perfect reality. From the banquet hall for birthday party to resorts for birthday parties in Delhi, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss how to plan a surprise birthday party in detail so that things get a little easier for you.
Let’s start planning the dream birthday party for your loved ones. All you need to do is follow the given steps and say Surprise!

Set a Budget

First and foremost, you need to have an idea about your budget. This will help you choose the perfect venue for your surprise party and give you a better idea about further expenses such as decoration, food and drinks. Setting a budget will serve you as an outline of your plan so that you don’t go over budget.
Tivoli Hospitality Group offers several properties which can vary your budget. According to the number of your guests, at the astonishing locations of Tivoli Hospitality Group, you would have a good list of options.

Guest List

Make a list of the guests and make sure you don’t exceed your budget. You can search for resorts for birthday party Delhi that can offer a hall that can hold the number of guests you want to invite. To organise a surprise birthday party, it’s crucial to make a list of the guests you want to invite and ensure that it aligns with your budget.

One way to find suitable venues for the party is by searching for resorts in Delhi that offer halls capable of accommodating the desired number of guests.provide information on various. Additionally, consider factors such as location, amenities, and availability when selecting a resort. It’s crucial to stay within your budget while choosing the venue to ensure that all other aspects of the party can be planned accordingly. By conducting thorough research and considering the options available, you can find a suitable resort with a hall that meets your requirements for the surprise birthday party.

Choosing a Date and Time is a Must

Before you go out and choose your ideal venue, choose a date and time that aligns with the main guest, the guest of honour. If you are holding a surprise birthday party on the day of the birthday, make sure to choose a suitable time that will make sure the person is truly surprised.

Select the Venue

The venue is one of the most important elements when throwing a party. Tivoli Hospitality Group offers a range of stunning properties that will allow you to have your dream party, let it be a surprise birthday party, a theme party or a wedding.

The spacious interior with magnificent decor, Tivoli Hospitality Group is unparalleled. In order for you to have a clear idea of a banquet hall for birthday party in Delhi that will be a perfect match for you to organise a surprise party for your loved ones. Have a look at these amazing properties that Tivoli Hospitality Group has to offer.



These are the breathtaking properties that will frame your dream surprise party. Make sure to visit the locations before coming to a decision. One look and you would be able to picture the burst of decor, melody of laughter flowing throughout the venue.

Want to know about resorts for birthday parties in Delhi? If that’s a yes then you need not need to go for a hunt for resorts in Delhi as Tivoli Garden Resort Hotel offers a breathtaking and spacious garden where you can organise a surprise birthday party and make it your fairy tail.

Pick a Personalised Theme

If you are throwing a surprise theme birthday party, Tivoli Hospitality Group’s team of professionals strives to exceed your expectations. Choose a personalised theme based on the guest of honour, it can be a TV series themed, or could be their favourite colour. The possibility is endless.

Deciding a theme will help you out with the decoration, the food and drinks and with the overall aesthetics of the party.

Plan the Decoration

Once you have decided on a theme, the fun part is about to get started, the decoration! You can share our ideas with our team at Tivoli Hospitality Group and we will provide you with the most stunning decoration that you will be in awe of.
We are extremely proud that all of the venues of Tivoli Hospitality Group are Instagram-worthy and we can sprinkle more creativity into the decoration according to your taste. When you are finding for resorts for birthday party Delhi, without a doubt, Tivoli Hospitality group is the best choice

Prepare the Menu

At Tivoli Hospitality Group, you do not have to go through the pain of arranging other vendors for food as we have the team of finest culinary chefs who serve the top quality cuisines. We can flawlessly handle your catering needs, allowing you to relax and enjoy your celebration at our immaculate and luxurious banquet hall in Delhi so that you can organise a surprise birthday party without any unnecessary stress.

Send out Sneaky Invitations

Send out digital invitations and ensure that your guests are aware that the party is a surprise. Provide parking and entrance instructions for those who want to jump out and surprise the guests, and ask those who will arrive later to hold off until 10 minutes after the planned guest of honour arrival time to avoid spoiling the surprise.
It’s also helpful to have a communication app to stay in touch with guests in case of any last-minute changes. This will ensure that you can communicate with guests if something goes wrong, such as the guest of honour running late when you organise a surprise birthday party without any issues.

Make a Decoy Plan

Once everything is done, this step is exclusive to your guest of honour. Make a decoy plan in order to make your surprise birthday party a success. You can ask the honoree to spend the day or the evening with you for dinner and drinks, or you can plan a spa date for the two of you. On the day of the surprise party, you could begin introducing them to a room of waiting guests instead.

How Can I Start My Birthday Surprise?

Surprising your loved ones on their birthday is a great way to express your love and efforts. There can be tons of ways to celebrate a birthday party but it can be confusing at times to plan a surprise birthday party, especially if it’s your first time.

If you’re wondering how you should start a surprise birthday party, you don’t need to stress any further. If you follow this blog you would have an idea on how to organise a surprise birthday party, by now. If you can’t think of a decoy plan in order to start the party and make it a real surprise, have a look at the given decoy ideas if you are organising a birthday party for an adult:

  • Take them for a spa day
  • Take them on a shopping spree
  • Tell them you both are going for dinner.
  • Tell them you are going out for some drinks.

When planning for kids however, things can be a little different as kids are easier to surprise. For decoy plans you can choose from the following as well:

  • You can tell them you are going for some food
  • Tell them you are going for a road trip
  • Tell them you are going for some errands
  • Tell them you are going for a doctor’s appointment.

There are many ways you can start the surprise resorts for birthday party in Delhi at Tivoli Hospitality Group. We can help you execute your exact plan with no errors and with endless memories.

How Do You Plan a Small Birthday Surprise?

Well if you are thinking of planning a small party with limited guests then we got you covered. A small surprise birthday party can be equally love-filled and fun as a large party, in fact, it is more intimate than throwing a large party. Having its benefits, a small birthday party. We have listed down some main points that will help you

Choose a smaller venue: Try choosing a smaller banquet hall for birthday party when organising a smaller party. Tivoli Lawrence Road can be a perfect choice for you as it offers three indoor banquet halls, Raas Ballroom that can hold about 500 people, Leela Ballroom that has a capacity of 400 people and for a more smaller party, there is a Deluxe Chamber Room that can hold up to 100 people and it’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, engagement ceremonies, and other small events.

Plan a budget: A smaller party calls for a budget. Make sure to have an outline for your party and make a budget accordingly. Because you are planning for a smaller surprise birthday party, the expenses are already not over the top however, having a budget will allow you to envision

Limit the guest list: When organising a smaller event, limiting your guest list is a must. The less number of guests can ensure an intimate party.Once you have a list of selected guests, send them sneaky invitations digitally or call them so that they are aware that the event is a surprise party.

Food and drinks: Once the main elements are done, now comes the fun part. Order drinks and food according to the number of guests. No matter which venue you choose, Tivoli Hospitality Group has the team of finest chefs that will serve you the most mouth watering cuisines so fret not about the food and drinks, we’ve got you covered.

How Do You Keep a Surprise Party a Secret?

We understand that it is hard when you organise a surprise birthday party however, it is certainly harder to keep the surprise party a secret. In order to make your surprise party a huge success, we will discuss how you can keep your surprise party a secret.

First of all, make sure you only invite people who are close to the guest of honour or make sure the guests are already aware that it is a surprise party and they are not allowed to communicate anything about it with the guest of honour. Next what you can do is, don’t post anything regarding the surprise party on social media as the chances are high that the guest of honour will realise about the whole idea.

If the guest of honour is someone that always stays close to you and it gets difficult for you to talk to others about the secret party, you can use some code words so that they don’t have a clue until the big day.

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party at a Resort

As you might have known by now, planning a surprise birthday party is a no big deal and if you want a party at a resort, it still is a no big deal as Tivoli Hospitality Group offers stunning properties that will clear all your doubts, Tivoli Heritage Palace or Tivoli Garden Resort Hotel are one of the best resorts for birthday party Delhi, making them the perfect choices for you. These amazing locations exhibit royalty and frames your special day with grandeur moments.

As mentioned in this blog and by following the given steps, you can organise a surprise birthday party in a resort as well. Tivoli Hospitality Group believes in your ideas and we dream your dream as our own.

Wrapping It Up

Birthdays are fun but surprises are more fun! The luxurious and astronomical properties of Tivoli Hospitality Group offers you a banquet hall for birthday parties and endless possibilities for any successful event. In this blog, we discussed how to organise a surprise birthday party and by following these tips, you can create a memorable and unforgettable surprise birthday party that will be cherished for years to come.

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