Indoor Haldi Decoration Ideas

Indoor Haldi Decoration Ideas

Haldi is one of the most fun and awaited ceremonies. People get to dress up and apply a turmeric paste to the bride and groom. There’s a lot of dancing, singing and a lot of dancing as well. But along with all of this, what really captures the attention of the guests is the decor of the event.

The haldi ceremony is an intimate affair where only the closest friends and relatives of the family are present. That is why most people prefer to host it indoors. If you are planning to do the same then you are at the right place because we have some stunning indoor haldi decoration ideas for you that will

A Flower Shower for Indoor Haldi Decoration

Haldi ceremonies are synonymous with flowers. No haldi decor is ever complete without flowers. They add a lively vibe to the whole event and brighten up the space a lot. When it comes to haldi decoration, there is a lot that you can do with flowers.

String It On – You can either keep it simple by going for the traditional marigold flowers and mango leaves strung alternately or you can try something unusual by opting for other flowers like jasmines, yellow roses, yellow and white lilies or even yellow and white tulips.

Go Basic –You can also place them in vases and trays or even create backdrops from them. They will be great to click pictures with. And let’s be honest, aren’t wedding functions all about pictures you can share on the Gram?

Framed – A big trend that you must be seeing at many wedding resorts in Delhi is flower frames. Not only do they make amazing pieces for indoors but they are also fun to get photographed with.

Easy Backdrop Ideas for Indoor Haldi Decoration

Having interesting and captivating backdrops is one of the best indoor haldi decoration ideas. It is a great way to deck up the space for the event. Good backdrops really have the power to amp up the whole look and feel of the event.

Keep It Classic – As mentioned above, you can create a backdrop entirely with flowers. In fact, all the best wedding hotels in Delhi are following this trend. You can place a few seats in front of it for the bride and groom to sit or you can create it as a separate backdrop for guests to take pictures.
It will look good either way.

Vintage Magic – Apart from creating a wall of flowers you can opt for some vintage charm by using wooden separators as well. They will give an earthy and old school vibe to the whole decor. You can deck them up with flower garlands to add a touch of colour and place planters around them. You can place a couch in front of the separator and create a fun set up.

Some Fabric Fun for Indoor Haldi Decor

Fabrics are really fun to play with especially if you are considering them for some indoor haldi decoration ideas. You can create fun and vibrant backdrops with them and even use them as streamers. Another nice way to use fabrics at a haldi function is by covering the couch and other seating furniture with them to make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

Drape It – You can use vibrant coloured drapes to decorate the seating area. Use colours like yellow, pink, orange, green. These will give a very festive feel to the entire haldi ceremony.

Go Funky – You can also try to do something unique and quirky and use tapestries to decorate the space. This will give a very bohemian vibe to your event and will stand out in a sea of similar themed haldi ceremonies.

Quintessential Dupatta – If tapestries are not your thing, you might also want to consider using the statement decoration item – dupattas. You can use sheer dupattas or some rajasthani leheriya dupattas.

Pieces for Indoor Haldi Decor Ideas

There are a lot of options when it comes to putting up decorations for a haldi ceremony. You can go for some big decoration pieces. However, they occupy a lot of space so make sure that you find a venue that is spacious enough. Tivoli Hospitality Group brings you a whole lot of options of wedding resorts in Delhi that are luxurious and spacious.

Urli – The biggest trend that has been going strong since last year is the use of urlis in haldi ceremonies. These are huge cooking pots from south of India that are used as seats for the bride and the groom to apply haldi to them. You can use them as they make for beautiful yet functional decoration pieces for haldi ceremonies.

Matki – Matkis are never out of style and that is why these classic decor items are the perfect decoration pieces for haldi ceremonies. You can place them in corners or suspend them and adorn them with flowers spilling out of them.

Planters – If you want to do more with less then planters are the way to go for you. They make for simple and classy decorations for a haldi ceremony and add a touch of green to your decor that is largely dominated by the warm hues of yellow and orange.

Cushions – Cushions are an obvious choice when it comes to picking indoor haldi decoration ideas. They are functional and if you pick the right ones, they can also be used as decoration items. Try going for big and colourful cushions and place them on the couches or even on the floor.

Hanging Ideas for Indoor Haldi Decor

Hangings are kind of staples when it comes to indoor haldi decoration ideas. There are so many things that can be used to decorate the haldi ceremony with. While you can get some readymade hangings, you can also make some yourself by using things like bottles, bangles etc.

Bottles – Glass bottles are quite famous as decor items these days. Every wedding venue in Delhi is decked with them at wedding functions. You too can use them as decorations for your haldi ceremony. Go for some colourful glass bottles that you can suspend and add some fairy lights to them.

Parandis – It might surprise you that these hair accessories can also be used as decorations at haldi ceremonies and not just for Punjabi weddings but for weddings in other parts of India as well. These are cost effective and vibrant pieces that will just take your haldi decor to the next level.

Tassels – Streamers and tassels are common event decorations. And why not? They are colourful and yet minimal and add such a vibrant touch to the entire decor of whichever event they are used for.

Rajasthani Hangings – You can also go the traditional way and put up some Rajasthani hangings to decorate the space. For instance, Rajasthani bride and groom puppets will be perfect for a haldi function. They are very vibrant and will give a very festive vibe to the event.

Umbrellas – Colourful umbrellas can also be used as decorative hangings. You can hang them upside down and experiment a lot with the design and the colour. They look very quirky and are fun to look at. This decoration idea is a must for haldi decoration.

Bells – Bells are decoration staples and you can never go wrong with them. There are a lot of beautiful bells that you can find and use as hangings. To give an edge try using multiple bells of different sizes. No matter which wedding venue in Delhi you book,

Dreamcatchers – Remember the time when dreamcatchers were all the rage? Well, they are not a thing of the past just yet. They can still be used as decorative hangings. They will lend a funky aesthetic appeal to the whole event and are perfect if you are going for a boho vibe.

Kaleeras – Most people think that kaleeras can only be used as bridal ornaments. However, if you think out of the box, you can see them as an option for haldi decorations. String them with some mogra flowers and Voila! You have got yourself a very unique decoration that is in sync with the whole vibe of the event.

Bangles – Colourful bangles are perfect for DIY decorations. You can make some nice decorations with bangles as well. This is one decoration idea that will not cost a single penny. You can just ask your friends and relatives to bring their old bangles and you can work your magic on them.

Kites – Sky’s the limit for indoor haldi decoration ideas. So why not take inspiration from there itself? Big and colourful kites are wonderful as haldi decoration hangings. You can put them up on walls or suspend them from the ceiling.

Light It Up for Haldi Decor

Lighting is a very important aspect of every event. The lighting has to be perfect for an event to be successful. That is why you must book only the best wedding hotels in Delhi for all your events. Tivoli Hospitality Group provides you some amazing properties that have great lighting for all kinds of events. One great thing about lighting is that it can be used as decoration as well.

Fairy Lights – It has been quite a while since fairy lights became popular. These beautiful lights make for amazing decorations and add a very magical vibe to the event. You can string them along the walls or use them to create beautiful canopies.

Lanterns – Using some vintage and antique lanterns is a great idea for decorating your venue for haldi ceremony. You can place tea lights in them. This will just brighten up the whole decor.

Oil Lamps – You can decorate the space in a classic way by using oil lamps. These will give a very old school and traditional vibe to your haldi ceremony. This will not only be a cost effective way of using lighting but will also amp up the decor in a very simple manner.

Photo Fun for Haldi Ceremony

These days weddings are all about taking perfect pictures that can be uploaded on Instagram. From the attire of the guests to the decor and the vibe of the event, everything is decided to make the pictures look great. That is why planning something for photography is a great way to add fun to the ceremony.

Photo Booth – The best way to make a haldi ceremony memorable is by putting up a fun photo booth where they can take pictures. You can deck it up with flowers, streamers and put up some funky props in it for people to click pictures with.

Polaroid Wall – You can also put up a polaroid wall. With some decorations and hangings it will make for a great backdrop for pictures. You can keep polaroid cameras and ask guests to take pictures with them and string them up on the wall. Isn’t that a fun way to gather memories of the event?

Add a Splash of Colours

Rangoli has always been a major part of traditional Indian decor. Beautiful and intricate patterns in vibrant colours sure give a very festive vibe to any event. While most people make rangolis during festivals like diwali, you can make rangolis during haldi ceremony and do something different. You can either make them at the entrance of the venue or make them inside the venue as well. Placing some lamps and diyas on the rangoli will give a nice touch to it and make it look more beautiful and captivating.

Wrapping It Up

The decor of an event is very important in order to make it memorable. When it comes to indoor haldi decoration ideas, a lot can be done. From creative welcome boards and signs to funky party props, there is no limit to ideas that you can implement. While it is usually the warm tones of yellow and orange that dominate the vibe of the decor, you can play with other hues as well and give a different spin to the feel of the event.

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